Dental check-up / consultation

50 pln /120 pln

Composite white filling

280-310 pln

Composite veneer

350 pln

Composite reconstruction of the tooth


Reconstruction of the tooth using fiber post: quantity 1-2-3 

650-700-750 pln

Fissure sealant

80 pln

Tempory filling (short term)

80 pln

Glassionomer temporary filling (long term)

150 pln

Local anaesthetic

40 pln

Single-x ray

40 pln

Bitewings (2 x-rays incuded)

50 pln


Scaling (one arch)

70 pln 

Sanding (one arch)

70 pln

Fluoridation (one arch)

50 pln

Fluoridation of milk teeth (one arch)

35 pln

Fissure sealant

70 pln

Complex hygiene visit ( including scaling, sanding and fluoridation)

300 pln


Home bleaching kit (whitening trays and gel included)

850 zł

Whitening of previously root treated tooth (additional price to final filling)

150 zł


Diagnostic models

150 pln

Acrylic full denture

1200 pln

Acrylic partial denture

850-1200 pln

Sceleton denture / acron denture

2200 pln

Splint metal-based denture


Tooth addition

250 pln

Denture repair

250 pln

Porcelain metal-based crown

1000 pln

Full ceramic crown/ porcelain veneer

1650 pln

Laboratory constructed metal simple post

450 pln

Laboratory constructed complex metal post

550 pln

Direct fiber posts : quantity 1-2-3

400-450-500 pln

Removal of old posts

300-450 pln

Composite inleys, onleys, endocrowns (labolatory made)

750-850 pln

Direct temporary crown

150 pln

Temporary laboratory made crown (PMMA)

380 pln


Bite registration, wax-up, mock-up with laboratory cooperation 

700 pln


Frenulum laser cut (including local anaesthetic)

450 pln

Gingivectomy (including local anaesthetic)

450 pln


Extraction (removal) of single-rooted or mobile tooth

240 pln

Extraction of molar: referral to surgeon


Extraction of milk tooth

100 pln

Sutures, wound stabilization

50 pln

Local anaesthetic

40 pln


Dental check-up

50 zł

Adaptation visit

50 zł

Milk tooth composite white filling: 1-2 surfaces

200-230 pln

Glassionomer temporary filling

150 pln

Fissure sealant (one tooth)

80 pln

Fissure sealant four teeth on the same visit


Fluoridation of a milk dentition

70 pln

Extraction of a milk tooth

100 pln

Pulpotomy and capping in a milk tooth (additional price to permanent filling)

70 pln

Devitalisation and temporary filling

150 pln

Temporary filling

80 pln

Local anaesthetic

40 pln


40 pln


Primary RCT ( including microscope, rabberdam, X ray RVG, cleaning and root filling with warm gutapercha) 


One canal

400 pln

Two canals

600 pln

Three canals

850 pln

Four canals

900 pln

Secondary RCT ( including microscope, rabberdam, X ray RVG, removing of old root filling, cleaning and root filling
with warm gutapercha): referral letter to endodontist